Update Log

This log was started 26/10/2016, a little late into the site's life. The whole page is still very under construction, please bear with me!

29/10/2016: Fixed link for PuniPuni Translation, updated link locations for fan.seaofstasrs.nu stuff. Started work on Change of Heart.

27/10/2016: Opened a new site, the Pilgrimage Fleet! I don't know how I managed to get it working, but I did. It's still a bit clunky, and the layout's still not great, but the important thing is it works. It's a directory for fan websites. If it all goes well (and I figure out how to order links alphabetically with ninjalinks), I might try maintain a few more.

26/10/2016: Reorganised site listings into collapsible lists, ordered by (sub)domain. Changed my personal email to reflect the site.
Reorganised subdomains for both my collectives. Added new sites and their under construction pages.

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