Update Log

This log was started 26/10/2016, a little late into the site's life. The whole page is still very under construction, please bear with me!

27/12/2020: A little more housekeeping. Updated the 'Network' page to have all the correct links for my current websites and added descriptions for each.

07/08/2019: More housekeeping; since the site looks weird on larger resolutions, just added some bg to make it less stark. Fixed up some of the CSS, made the scrolling section as large as the layout image.
I know I could make a modern responsive layout, but I'm stubborn, and I want to enjoy the old layout experience, haha.
Did some work on my fanlisting collective - some housekeeping such as removing old broken links.

24/02/2019: Housekeeping; fixing links, etc.

26/06/2018: Did some housekeeping and fixed some links. The network section is now organised and the front page has been updated to reflect my current projects.

21/11/2017: Fixed the link for yukkuri lyrics - accidentally had it on the site as 'yukkuri.durandal.nu' instead of 'kashi.durandal.nu'. Should all be working now.
Got rid of all that collapsible menu nonsense on the network page; now you can actually see the sites and how to get to them.

06/10/2017: Whoops, it's been a bit longer than I thought, haha. Removed Pilgrimage Fleet and replaced it with Shunkan Idou!, a link list of other domain collectives.
My little pet project yukkuri lyrics is now live too. I've updated the main collective site to reflect these additions and changes :)

29/10/2016: Fixed link for PuniPuni Translation, updated link locations for fan.seaofstasrs.nu stuff. Started work on Change of Heart.

27/10/2016: Opened a new site, the Pilgrimage Fleet! I don't know how I managed to get it working, but I did. It's still a bit clunky, and the layout's still not great, but the important thing is it works.
It's a directory for fan websites. If it all goes well (and I figure out how to order links alphabetically with ninjalinks), I might try maintain a few more.

26/10/2016: Reorganised site listings into collapsible lists, ordered by (sub)domain. Changed my personal email to reflect the site.
Reorganised subdomains for both my collectives. Added new sites and their under construction pages.

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